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Cover - SV Diversity Inclusion Plan 2017 19

Diversity and Inclusion Plan

Our Diversity and Inclusion Plan helps build SV’s capability and culture, facilitating delivery of our strategic plan.

Cover - ResourceSmart Schools Awards Booklet 2016

ResourceSmart Schools Awards booklet 2016

A showcase of Victorian schools sustainability stories for a beautiful planet.

Cover - ResourceSmart Schools - How to reduce waste in schools

How to reduce, reuse and recycle waste in schools

This guide includes teaching and learning resources to support Victorian students, teachers and the local community to reduce waste and is aligned with the ResourceSmart Schools Waste Module.

ResourceSmart icon - Waste

ResourceSmart Litter audit for Secondary

Students investigate landfill, co-mingled recycling, paper and organic waste. Based on this data schools can explore how to reduce their waste.

Cover - RSS energy how to guide

ResourceSmart Energy module action toolkit

A practical guide to Energy including great tips and helpful insights into how schools can reduce energy consumption and take action on climate change.

Cover - RSS biodiversity how to guide

ResourceSmart module action toolkit

A practical 'how to' guide for Victorian schools to understand and improve the biodiversity in school grounds and surroundings, as well as tips, links to resources and policies and interesting case studies to apply at school.

Cover - RSS waste how to guide

ResourceSmart Waste module action toolkit

A practical 'how to' guide to enable completion of help you to plan and complete actions required for the Waste Module.

ResourceSmart icon - Waste

ResourceSmart Waste module checklist

A list of all actions to help each school through the ResourceSmart Schools program Waste module