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Cover - Energy Efficient Office Buildings Nov 2016

Energy Efficient Office Buildings

This report summarises the findings of SV’s Energy Efficient Office Buildings (EEOB) program, which was designed to assist owners of mid-tier commercial office buildings to reduce costs and environmental impacts via improved energy efficiency.

Cover - Metro Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan 2016

RWRRIP - Metro Implementation plan

The Metropolitan regional implementation plan was released on 12 October 2016. To find out more about the plan go to

Cover - Draught Sealing Retrofit Trial Sep 2016

Draught Sealing Retrofit Trial

This report shows that comprehensive draught sealing is an effective strategy to reduce heating energy consumption in Victorian houses.

Cover - Cavity Wall Insulation Retrofit Trial Sep 2016

Cavity Wall Insulation Retrofit Trial

This report looks at the impact that installing insulation had on the thermal comfort of houses during winter and on their heating energy consumption.

Cover - Gas Heating Ductwork Retrofit Trial Sep 2016

Gas Heating Ductwork Retrofit Trial

This report, based on a study of eight houses, looks at the impact of replacing old ductwork with new high efficiency ductwork.

Cover - Energy Efficiency Upgrade Potential of Existing Victorian Houses Sep 2016

Energy Efficiency Upgrade Potential

This report provides insights into the cost effectiveness of 21 different energy efficiency upgrades and the outcomes.

Cover - Halogen Downlight Retrofit Trial Sep 2016

Halogen Downlight Retrofit Trial

This report shows that replacing existing 12 volt halogen downlight lamps with low energy downlight lamps can significantly reduce lighting energy consumption.

Cover - Sustainability Victoria's Business plan 2016-17

Business plan 2016-17

Sustainability Victoria's Business plan 2016-17

Cover - Victorian Waste Education Strategy August 2016

Victorian waste education strategy

The strategy provides a consistent and coordinated approach to waste and resource recovery education.

The backs of a pair of old refrigerators

Fact sheet - Whitegoods

Information to help resource recovery centres handle the potential hazards and OH&S considerations when handling whitegoods.