Leadership team

SV has passionate and experienced industry leaders at the helm in sustainable communities, businesses, industry and local government. Our leaders drive a constructive, achievement-oriented culture and set the vision for change toward a sustainable and thriving Victoria.

Stan Krpan – CEO

Stan Krpan‘I love it when we mobilise diverse people, organisations and stakeholders toward an outcome, because we all have to play our part in a sustainable future.’

Stan was appointed CEO of SV in 2012. SV helps the Victorian community achieve a better environment now and for the future with a focus on responding to climate change and sustainable use of resources. Stan has extensive experience in executive roles, leading reforms in law, health, safety and environment regulation and sustainability across SV, EPA and Worksafe Victoria. He is Chair of Infoxchange, a Director of Western BACE and a member of the BehaviourWorks Australia Advisory Board.

Jonathan Leake – Director Business and Built Environment

Jonathan Leake

‘I’m passionate about how we can create a healthy, safe and sustainable future for us all.’

Jonathan leads programs that support the business and built environment sector to achieve zero net emissions by 2050. He is an established executive and sustainability leader with a strong track-record of delivering flagship sustainability programs and significant policy reforms in the Victorian Government.

Most recently, Jonathan was Director, Resource Recovery at Sustainability Victoria, where he led the development of Victoria’s Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Plan and key resource recovery strategies, including Victoria’s first Market Development Strategy for Recovered Resources, adopting circular economy principles. Jonathan’s experience spans a range of disciplines including climate change, sustainability, waste and resource recovery, materials and energy efficiency, policy and governance.

Jonathan was Executive Manager of Victoria’s Sustainability Fund for 5 years, where he managed a portfolio of innovative sustainability and climate change projects. He holds a Juris Doctor and has worked at one of Australia’s leading law firms as an environment and property lawyer. He has a reputation for collaborative leadership and excellent stakeholder relationships.

Stephanie Ziersch – Director Communities & Climate Change

Stephanie Ziersch‘I believe that taking action on climate change can bring about enormous benefits for Victorians including improved quality of life, greater community connectivity, economic development and job creation opportunities, a cleaner environment and better health.’

Stephanie leads the Communities and Climate Change programme which involves inspiring and educating communities, schools, local government and households on taking action on climate change. She has extensive public sector experience at an international, national and state level. Her strong record in climate change policy development and program delivery includes Australia’s first climate change legislation, an innovative approach to adaptation and built form demonstration projects.

Shannon Smyth – Acting Director Resource Recovery

Shannon Smyth

‘I’m a big believer in growing Victoria’s resource recovery market, which will strengthen our recycling capability, save natural resources and improve our sustainability.’

Shannon leads the integration of SV’s statewide waste strategies and programs that deliver infrastructure and markets for Victoria’s growing waste and resource recovery industry. He has a comprehensive knowledge of resource recovery and sustainability having worked in the industry for nearly a decade. He has a strong focus on market development for recovered resources, a key element in the delivery of the Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan.

Katie Pahlow – Director Communications & Engagement

Katie Pahlow

‘I want to support Victorians with the inspiration, understanding and tools to achieve their goal of taking meaningful action on climate change.’

Katie leads communication and engagement to put climate change among the top issues for Victorians and promote SV as the first place to go to take action on sustainability. She has expertise in behaviour change campaigns, science communication and education, integrated marketing, brand building and customer focus, with a strong track record of reform and achievement. Under her leadership Zoos Victoria initiated their highly regarded behaviour change and advocacy campaigns, including the Banksia Award winning ‘Don’t Palm Us Off’ campaign.

Carl Muller – Director Corporate Services

Carl Muller‘I want to make a positive difference and help others to help keep Victoria one of the best places to call home’

Carl leads business support, strategic direction and the measurement of success for Sustainability Victoria. He has led a series of transformational programs in the environment sector, including a regulatory reform initiative whilst at EPA. A qualified oceanographer, Carl worked on the establishment of the Australian Tsunami warning system at the Bureau of Meteorology, our response to the 2004 Indonesian tsunami.