Litter and illegal dumping

Woman depositing a bag of clothes in a charity clothing bin

Clothing bins

The Best Practice Guide is a best practice resource to assist the siting, operation, management and removal of clothing bins on both public and private land.

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A pile of dumped household rubbish

Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping can threaten wildlife and lead to long-term contamination of land, waterways and groundwater.

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Volunteer picking up plastic bottles in parkland

Interventions to address litter issues

SV brought together representatives from government, business and community to prioritise three litter issues, then co-design interventions to address them.

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Volunteers collecting rubbish in bushland

Litter report card

The Litter Report Card will be used to inform future investment and provides an evidence base for future monitoring of Victoria's litter and illegal dumping issues.

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Underwater shot of fish and plastic waste

Microplastics Citizen Science Project

This project engaged volunteers and scientists in a research project to better understand the sources and impacts of microplastics in Port Phillip Bay and its catchment.

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Volunteer picking up plastic bottles in parkland

2017 National Litter Index

The Keep Australia Beautiful National Litter Index (NLI) is a national measure of the presence of litter across the country.

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Volunteer collecting waste in parkland

Victorian litter plan

The Victorian Litter Plan focuses on engaging the Victorian community in activities that are targeted, measurable and evidence-based.

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