Detox your home

Detox your home is a safe, free and easy-to-use service to dispose of highly toxic, unwanted household chemicals such as solvents, poisons and cleaning products.

A collection of toxic gardening products

The collected items are recovered and diverted from landfill. This program is delivered by Sustainability Victoria in collaboration with local councils.

Why recycle household chemicals?

Household chemicals can be dangerous – they can harm your family and your pets, add extra fuel to a house fire, release toxic fumes and pollute the environment for future generations. Safely dispose of your toxic household wastes to:

  • keep them out of our waterways
  • reduce the risk of poisoning and keep our homes safe
  • minimise environmental pollution and bushfire hazards.

Where to recycle household chemicals

Chemicals for disposal

Up to 31 Detox your home events are held across Victoria each year to ensure access for all Victorian householders. There is no restriction on the amount of unwanted household chemicals you can dispose of through this service.

Do the right thing for your loved ones and your environment. It's easy and free to detox your home.

Detox your home event dates, drop-off locations and registration

Who can use the service?

Detox your home is a service for households only. Chemicals used for farm, commercial or industrial processes will not be accepted. Businesses should use a commercial waste disposal company.

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