Detox your home FAQs

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What does the Detox your Home service cost?

Detox your Home is a free service provided by Sustainability Victoria in collaboration with local councils.

Who can use the service?

The service is only for Victorian householders. All Detox your Home events are open to any Victorian resident no matter where you live. If you are a business or wish to dispose of farm chemicals please refer to safe disposal options for businesses and farms.

Do I need to register to use the service?

Registration is required for some events in metropolitan Melbourne to help event planning and traffic management.

Register for free online or by calling 1300 363 744.

Once you have registered, the collection-point address will be provided. Registration is not required for events in regional Victoria.

Can I dispose of chemicals that I use for my business?


The Detox your Home service is only available for the disposal of household chemicals. Any business seeking to dispose of chemicals used for commercial or industrial purposes should either:

  • contact a chemical collection service provider (search the Yellow Pages under 'waste reduction and disposal services')
  • visit
How long will I need to wait on drop-off day?

Generally the wait time is ten to twenty minutes for this service, but it could be longer depending on the time of day and the number of residents who attend.

Why is the mobile event not collecting paint anymore?

Disposing of paint is now easier for you. Rather than wait for an annual mobile collection in your area, paint can be dropped off at permanent drop-off sites or at a Paintback site all year round.

What do I do if I'm not sure what a chemical is?

If you are not sure of the contents of a container, label it as 'unknown chemical'. Please do not guess the chemical's name. Remember to safely handle your toxic chemicals when travelling to the event location.

Is there a limit to how much I can drop-off?

There is no limit on the volume of materials you drop-off, however the maximum acceptable weight or size of any single container is 20 kilograms or 20 litres. Decanting is not permitted so bring chemicals in disposal containers.

How do I get the chemicals to the drop-off event?

Use your car or trailer to drop-off your toxic household chemicals. If you don’t own a car you might like to organise a group drop-off with friends, families and neighbours.

With one car, or better still a trailer, you can collectively dispose of toxic household chemicals, making your homes safer, keeping waterways cleaner, and minimising environmental pollution. Be careful to safely handle your toxic chemicals.

Why don't you do a street collection like you do with hard rubbish?

Chemicals pose a safety hazard if left on the street awaiting collection.

What happens to the chemicals after they have been dropped off?

Toxic chemicals dropped off at Detox your Home events are immediately sorted, placed in sealed drums and transported to a specialist waste treatment facility.

Every effort is made to recycle chemicals or use them for other purposes such as energy recovery. As a last resort, a small amount of chemicals will be stored in secure landfills in accordance with Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria’s requirements.

I've missed the Detox your Home event in my area. What can I do with my chemicals?

There are up to 31 mobile collections held at various locations across Victoria annually. If you miss a local event you can:

If you are unable to access any collections you might consider a commercial waste disposal company to safely dispose of your chemicals.

Will there be a Detox your Home event in my council?

Detox your Home events are centrally located to enable all Victorians to access the service no matter where they live.

There are up to 31 annual events providing you the option to attend a location most convenient for you. Your local council will promote and provide information for annual events in your area/region.

Can I take chemicals to a Victorian permanent drop-off site instead of having to wait for a Detox your Home event?

Highly toxic chemicals are not accepted at permanent drop-off sites. Permanent drop-off sites are not equipped to manage chemicals as they pose a high risk when combined or stored in large volumes over a period of time. Permanent sites will therefore only accept low risk products – household paint, batteries, fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).

Detox your Home events are designed, managed and licensed to accept chemicals.

What is the difference between Detox your Home events and permanent drop-off sites?

Detox your home events are accessible at specific locations and dates as per an annual schedule; they are free to attend and accept highly toxic household chemicals only.

Permanent drop-off sites are typically located at council owned transfer stations and depots and accessible all year round; they accept household paint, batteries and fluorescent lights for free.

Contact your local council for other products you can drop off at permanent sites, associated disposal fees and opening hours.

What products are accepted at Detox Your Home events?

Before attending a Detox your Home event it is important that you check the items which are accepted and not accepted at these events.

Can I take other items besides paint, batteries and compact fluorescent lights to a permanent drop off site?

Permanent drop-off sites are typically located at council depots and transfer stations that accept other items like gas bottles, car batteries, motor oil and so on. Contact your local council for other products you can drop off at permanent sites, disposal fees and opening hours.