Five steps to Detox your home

Close up of a colourful collection of cleaning products

Select a Detox Your Home location

Registration is needed for some events in metropolitan Melbourne to help event planning and traffic management. Registration is not required for events in regional Victoria.

After you have registered, the collection-point address will be provided.

Find a Detox your Home event

Check which items are accepted

View a full list of accepted and not accepted items

Label your items

Retain original labels on containers where possible. If there is no original label but you know the contents, write a label and attach it securely.

If you are not sure of the contents, label the container 'unknown chemical'. Please do not guess the chemical's name.

Although there is no restriction on the number or volume of household items that you can bring, the maximum acceptable weight or size of any single container is 20 kilograms or 20 litres. Decanting isn't permitted, so bring chemicals in disposal containers.

Drop off your items

Take your items to the collection point on the day of the Detox Your Home event, being careful to handle them safely.

The process usually takes 10-20 minutes, but can take longer, depending on the time of day and the number of residents that attend.

Find out more about safe handling

Congratulate yourself!

Congratulations! You have done something to benefit your household and the environment.

Not only have you cleaned your home of unwanted toxic chemicals, you have also ensured that they'll be recovered or disposed of safely.