Research and reports

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Victorians' Perceptions of Climate Change

The Climate Change Social Research was conducted on behalf of Sustainability Victoria by Wallis Research, a Victorian-based research company with a strong reputation for expertise in conducting social and government research.



Litter on the ground

National Litter Index 2016

The Keep Australia Beautiful National Litter Index (NLI) is a national measure of the presence of litter across the country. Litter counts are undertaken twice annually, across 983 sites nationally, to create an annual report.


Recycling bin

Life Cycle Assessment of Kerbside Recycling

SV commissioned RMIT to undertake a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of kerbside recycling in Victoria. LCA is a scientific method that measures environmental impacts over the life cycle of a product, service or system.



Market analysis of recovered resources

Between 2013 and 2014 Sustainability Victoria commissioned a series of market analysis reports covering a variety of waste materials identified as priorities for market development.


Recycling bin

Kerbside recycling behaviours

SV commissioned social research to determine community attitudes towards waste and resource recovery, identify drivers and barriers, underlining contamination of recycling collections and resource recovery rates.


Waste paper and cardboard

Victorian Statewide Garbage Bin Audits

Bin audits are undertaken by state and local governments to gain information about what materials are being discarded in garbage, recycling and organics bins. Conducting audits is a widely used means of measuring materials, mostly by weight but also by volume.


Waste flows in the commercial and industrial sector

Waste flows in the Victorian commercial & industrial sector contains detailed data on the waste stream at commercial and industrial (C&I) businesses in Victoria.


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Victorian Litter Report

The Victorian Litter Report (VLR) was established to measure the Victorian Government’s former target of reducing littering behaviour by 25%.