Smarter Renovations

A renovation is the perfect time to add energy efficiency measures to your home. Yet many Victorians are still missing this critical opportunity to improve the comfort of their home and as a result suffer renovation regret. A Smarter Renovation aims to avoid these pitfalls and maximise the value of your renovation dollars.

Our research finds the Top 5 renovation regrets are:

  1. Inadequate insulation
  2. Air leakage
  3. Poor lighting
  4. Not selecting double glazed windows, and
  5. Poor design.

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How can I get started?

The decisions that you make now while you’re planning your renovation will have a long-term effect on your energy bills, so take the time to research and get the right information by exploring each of the areas below.

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Expert Series

Our renovation experts recreate the journeys of their energy efficient renovations, and reveal their lessons and advice.


Smarter Renovation Planner

Use the Smarter Renovations Planner for a customised checklist of the energy efficiency measures you should consider in your renovation.


Renovation Profiles

Learn more about other renovator’s experiences. These happy renovators talk about their successes and challenges.


Types of Renovations

Major, minor or interior, no matter what type of renovation you are planning there are many ways you can incorporate energy efficiency to save energy and improve comfort.


Your Guide to a Smarter Renovation

This comprehensive guide contains everything you need to know to plan your Smarter Renovation.

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Tips for specific house types

The energy performance of a house will depend on its location, siting, its age and the materials used in its construction. Here are some specific measures to consider for standard housing types. Local Council Resources