Tenders and Expressions of Interest

Tenders and Expressions of Interest

Request for Tender

Provision of the Household Chemical Collection Program services

The Household Chemical Collection Program (Program) has been administered by Sustainability Victoria (SV) and its predecessors since 1994. The Program aims to reduce the danger to human health and the environment posed by poor management, storage and disposal of household hazardous chemicals by providing Victorian householders with access to a free, safe and environmentally responsible disposal service.

In partnership with local government, the Program currently provides collection services across Victoria through:

  • 31 annually scheduled mobile events for chemicals (including pesticides, solvents and fuel) that may require expert identification and management. This service is publicly branded as “Detox Your Home”.
  • 30 permanent drop-off sites for Targeted Materials (paint, household batteries and fluorescent lights). These sites are generally based at council depots or waste transfer stations.

Sustainability Victoria seeks to identify a number of suitably qualified and experienced organisations that can undertake either or both of the two Program service components:

  • RFT 00513 Staging, Collection and Transport Services

    Staging of mobile events and collection and transport of chemicals and targeted materials from mobile events and permanent drop-off sites across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria to recovery, treatment and disposal contractors.

  • RFT 00514 Resource Recovery, Treatment and Disposal Services

    Environmentally safe resource recovery, treatment and disposal of chemicals and targeted materials collected and transported from mobile events and permanent drop-off sites across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

    Sustainability Victoria is open to individual organisations submitting a tender for single waste streams under this contract and reserves the right to award individual contracts to one, or multiple, successful tenderers.

Each Request for Tender (RFT) and information regarding their associated briefing sessions is available for download from the Victorian Government Tender website. It is strongly recommended that tenderers attend any briefing sessions to adequately familiarise themselves with the scope of the work.

Tender submissions MUST be lodged electronically at tenders.vic.gov.au by 3pm Wednesday, 21 June 2017.